Jessie I 17 I Canada.

100% Supernatural

Dean!Girl I Destiel Shipper I Hate free blog!

Hey, call me Jess. I'm an author, actress, photographer, and musician. I'd love to chat with you [I promise I don't bite]

In regards to writing, if you've ever had an idea you wanted put to the page, feel free to message me!


Hannibal: S1
Breaking Bad: S5
American Horror Story: S1
Marvel Cinematic

How to contact me.



The Study Of Ella Marie [Sherlock]

Now accepting requests for fics and oneshots

Feel free to reach out to me and chat. Need a pick-me-up? A pep talk? I don't bite, and I'd love to talk to you! If you'd like to speak priivately, ask for my e-mail

Geeky stuff

I'm a bonafide nerd, ladies and gents. At any given time you can find me obsessing over Star Trek ,Lord of The Rings ,anything Marvel ,Legend of Zelda,Doctor Who ,Anything comic-con related , and cinematography & speial effects work

You wanna fangirl about any of the above? Shoot me an ask, cutie!

Listening to...

Fall Out Boy
Kings Of Leon
Panic! At The Disco
London Grammar
Katie Herzig
Def Leppard
Led Zeppelin


I Am Malala - Malala Yousafzai

Book Of Negroes - Lawrence Hill

Divergent - Veronica Roth

A Study In Scarlet - Arthur Conan Doyle

Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy

At The Mountains Of Madness - H.P. Lovecraft

The Family Business

Apologies! To be Announced


Apologies! Under Construction.

More Info

Queue: 11 AM - 3 PM PST

Non-Spoiler free blog -- Sorry!

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Not Spn
Shut Up Jessie

I took this photo and if you claim it as your own I swear that i will end you

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